Sympozjum Inżynierii Medycznej

The Conference of Medical Engineering

New technologies, innovative construction, well considered logistics and management. This is how the 1st Conference of Medical Engineering in the Netherlands can be described in a nutshell. On the 26th-28th of March fifteen directors and managers from Polish hospitals attended a trip to Amsterdam which was organized by Blue Fifty Polska and Holland Water. It was the first such meeting where the Dutch and Polish specialists could share their knowledge and experience.


The idea of the conference

The idea to organize the conference was born during the meeting of the owner of Holland Water, Leo De Zeeuw with the director of the Society of Medical Engineering, Józef Biernat. It was agreed then that together with Blue Fifty they would organize a trip for the directors of the Polish medical institutions. The aim of this conference was to create an opportunity to share experiences in management and running the hospitals as well as learn the systems and technologies applied in such centres. During this trip we had a chance to see two modern hospitals as well as other facilities and institutions.


Polish-Dutch cooperation

On the first day of the trip a letter of intent on cooperation between the Polish Society of Medical Engineering and its Dutch counterpart, NVTG (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Technologie in de Gezondheidszorg) was signed. On its basis from now on both parties will share their knowledge and experience as well as take joint actions aimed at the development of medical engineering. In the future, TIM and NVTG plan to organize a similar meeting in Poland.


The Conference of Medical Engineering


Modern hospitals – innovative technologies

The participants of the conference visited two very modern institutions. The first one, the Meander Amersfoort Hospital is the second best hospital in the Netherlands and the winner of the WAN Award Health Cares 2014. There was a short presentation of the member of NVTG and the architect of this facility. The guests also had the opportunity to see the patient rooms, the laboratory and the specialist wards. In the next facility, the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, one of the most environmentally friendly hospitals in the Netherlands, the entire logistical and technical concept of the building was presented. This hospital is very modern – it has 250 single rooms and the up-to-date Pharmafilter technology. It is a very innovative waste management system that allows the hospital to dispose of sewage and waste, including medical waste and additionally it allows to obtain energy in the form of biogas. The materials that have been ground by the Tontos mill are combined with waste and then transported to the Pharmafilter installation via the hospital’s internal sewage system.


The Conference of Medical Engineering


Ionization technology

The Bifipro system was also presented during the conference. It is based on ionization and with pure silver and copper electrodes effectively removes the Legionella bacteria from water. The system was developed by Holland Water and has been available in Poland for several years. The guests had the opportunity to take a closer look at the device and talk to people who use the technology in their facilities.


The Medical Engineering Conference provided a chance for the Polish directors of medical centres to share their experience and knowledge. It was an exceptional opportunity to take a look at the technologies and management systems applied by our Dutch partners. Many innovative methods aroused the interest among the participants. Thanks to the conference they will be able to implement similar solutions in their hospitals.


The Conference of Medical Engineering


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