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The name of the company refers to the idea that guides our entire operation. By 2050 we want to create a Circular economy that will allow for rational use of resources and reduce the negative impact of activities on the environment. We specialize in applying innovative technologies in environmental engineering. We provide ready-made solutions in response to the biggest current environmental challenges. Our priority is safe water and sustainability. Blue Fifty is created by people with passion. We focus on satisfying the needs of our partners with unconventional engineering solutions and putting unique ideas into practice.



Bifipro is a very effective method of controlling Legionella and removing biofilm from water installations. It is used to remove bacteria in the water inside buildings. This technology uses silver and copper ions for water treatment. Bifipro is used in hospitals, hotels, schools, swimming pools, care homes and other public buildings. The effectiveness of this technology is confirmed by references from many centres around the world. An additional benefit of using Bifipro is the possibility of lowering the water temperature, which reduces costs.



Undine technology is used to clean industrial moving parts such as belts, shackles or products transported on lines. Undine is distinguished from conventional solutions by the fact that it uses about 50-75% less water. This is made possible by the use of patented chambers in which water is mixed with compressed air. By 2020, Undine will have saved more than 100 million cubic metres of water worldwide. In addition, Undine technology achieves great hygienic results, which means that the quality of the products is much betterbetter, and the service life is longer.



Pharmafilter is a comprehensive solution dedicated to hospitals. Instead of being stored on the hospital premises and transported to external incinerators, the waste is ground into small pieces in Tonto mills. They are located in many areas of the hospital and are connected to the sewage system. The ground materials are combined with sewage and transported to the sewage and waste treatment plant next door on the hospital premises. The waste is processed in fermentation chambers and other processes, so its quantity and qualification as waste is reduced. The waste water is then processed into clean water.



The use of small wind turbines in business allows the production of green energy. In combination with photovoltaic panels it is possible to produce energy all year round at different times of day and night. Solar panels generate the most energy in the period from March to October. In the autumn-winter period, energy efficiency is much lower. However, wind turbines generate a lot of energy at night and during bad weather. Thanks to a comprehensive solution, the right amount of renewable energy is supplied without CO2 production.



The Soil Scanner is a revolutionary device that allows you to learn the content of the most important elements of the soil in a few minutes. The scanner analyses the content in soil N, P, K, organic matter, pH and cation exchange capacity. It is a small and mobile device, which can be taken literally anywhere and with the help of an application you can carry out a quick soil composition test. The result is a report sent directly to your phone or computer. The application can be adapted to the needs of your own company by introducing appropriate fertilizers and logotype.



Hydrosense has developed the world’s only test that can detect Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 on-site in only 25 minutes (compared with 7-14 days for traditional methods) and yet can be performed by anyone with minimal training. Thanks to this tests, building managers can take action much more quickly and prevent human infections with these bacteria.



The aim of the AgroFreshPark project is to create the first agro-logistics centre in Poland, which focuses on modern technologies and sustainable development. It is to be a large-scale greenhouse cluster equipped with its own geothermal energy source. The project includes the construction of nearly 40 ha of greenhouses with the entire logistics infrastructure, service and supply of own geothermal energy. AgroFreskPark is a modern business model allowing to optimize costs and maximize yields. It is one of the leading projects developed by Blue Fifty Polska.

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