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The name of the company refers to the idea that guides our entire operation. By 2050 we want to create a sustainable economy that will allow for rational use of resources and reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment.
Blue Fifty develops a range of activities that have a positive impact on people and the environment. We are active in many areas. We support the production of energy from renewable sources and develop other concepts that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We support solutions that help people to use environmental resources safely.



BlueCare is a range of services and technologies that help ensure clean and safe water in buildings at the preparation and distribution stages within internal water supply systems. Particular focus is placed on protecting facilities from the growth of Legionella bacteria, which are dangerous to people. BlueCare employs the most experienced specialists who help to implement appropriate solutions in order to ensure safe water for users.



pharmafilter - blue fifity
Pharmafilter is a comprehensive solution dedicated to hospitals. Instead of being stored on the hospital premises and transported to external incinerators, the waste is ground into small pieces in Tonto mills. They are located in many areas of the hospital and are connected to the sewage system. The ground materials are combined with sewage and transported to the sewage and waste treatment plant next door on the hospital premises. The waste is processed in fermentation chambers and other processes, so its quantity and qualification as waste is reduced. The waste water is then processed into clean water.



bluewatt - wiatraki i fotowoltaika
The use of small wind turbines in business allows the production of green energy. In combination with photovoltaic panels it is possible to produce energy all year round at different times of day and night. Solar panels generate the most energy in the period from March to October. In the autumn-winter period, energy efficiency is much lower. However, wind turbines generate a lot of energy at night and during bad weather. Thanks to a comprehensive solution, the right amount of renewable energy is supplied without CO2 production.



Plant-based proteins from legumes.
Recent years have shown a strong increase in the demand for plant-based meat alternatives. Replacing animal proteins with proteins from plants as part of our daily diet can help to fight climate change. We are developing a local manufacturing facility for Texturized Vegetable Proteins in Poland to meet the increasing demand with local production.



To meet the sustainability targets to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees Celcius, the chemical industry will need to change from fossil based production to sustainable production schemes. Together with partners we contribute to the development of new sustainable production facilities for the chemical industry based on power-to-X and chemical recycling concepts.

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