Undine technology is used to clean moving parts such as feeders, conveyor belts or shackles. Undine is distinguished from conventional solutions by the fact that it uses about 50-75% less water. This is made possible by the use of patented chambers in which water is mixed with compressed air. Another characteristic is that cleaning is much more efficient.

By mixing water with compressed air in the Undine chambers, the water stream consists of very small droplets of water. Smaller droplets are sprayed at higher speeds, up to 900 km/h. Smaller drops better penetrate pores and unevenness of the cleaned surface. At the same time, all impurities are "blown away" from the wetted surface. As a result, the cleaning efficiency is much better than with conventional high pressure cleaning, despite the use of less water.

The use of Undine brings enormous savings.  Undine is used in hundreds of industrial plants and has already saved nearly 100 million cubic metres of water. Undine is mainly used in the food industry. There is achieved a lot of successes in the poultry industry in particular. This is an extremely water-intensive industry, as poultry meat production requires a large amount of water to be used for hygiene purposes. Undine allows you to achieve much better hygienic results with less water.

In the poultry industry, Undine is used to wash carcasses at various stages of production. There is  nearly 30 types of carcass washers developed for use in evisceration, plucking and refrigeration lines. In addition, there are washers designed for washing stirrups and conveyor belts. Undine can also be used to modernize the washers of top manufacturers such as Stork, Meyn or Linco. The result is a reduction in water consumption of about 50-75% while improving cleaning quality.

In addition to the poultry industry, Undine is successfully used to wash other products such as fruit and vegetables. Undine is ideal for washing delicate products that can be damaged by strong jets of water. Contrary to appearances, the Undine jet is very delicate, thanks to the small size of the water droplets.

Undine is used to clean conveyor belts, which are very often heavily contaminated. Washing them requires not only the use of large amounts of water, but also chemicals. During manual washing it costs also a significant amount of work of people who do it. Cross contamination of other parts of the hall also often occurs during cleaning. Undine saves water, chemicals and human labour while maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness.


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