the most effective method of removing Legionella



Bifipro is the most effective way to eliminate Legionella and biofilm from water. It is used to remove bacteria in water inside buildings. This technology uses silver and copper ions for water treatment.  Bifipro is used in hospitals, hotels, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes and other public buildings. We have installed and operated nearly 500 Bifipro systems in many countries around the world. They are located, among others, in Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

Bifipro technology uses electrolysis to dose silver and copper ions to water in the water installation. These ions remove the biofilm in which the bacteria develop. At the same time, thanks to the action of silver, these bacteria cannot multiply. Bifipro is a very high-performance product. In all buildings where this technology was used, Legionella was eliminated. This is the most effective known technology for fighting Legionella. Such high efficiency has been achieved thanks to the use of several features unique for Bifipro.

Bifipro uses two types of electrodes to dose ions: pure copper electrodes and pure silver electrodes. Each electrode is separately controlled by the water flow, so we can guarantee that the water is supplied with the right amount of copper and silver. If electrodes from these metals were used, copper would be released much faster than silver and there would be too few silver ions in the water. This is because silver is a more noble metal.

bifipro 2.0

Water consumption is measured by precise electromagnetic flow meters. The more water flows through the machine, the more copper and silver is dosed into the water. Information on the current water flow is transferred from the flow meter to the control box. The box controls the electrodes and supplies them with the necessary voltage. In addition, information on the flow and dosage of ions is stored on disk and simultaneously transmitted online to our monitoring system.

Each Bifipro is monitored online. Remote observation of the system behavior is possible - the amount of water used in the building, the doses administered, the condition of the electrodes. This makes it possible to react appropriately - changing doses, recommending flushing the system or changing electrodes at the right time when they no longer give the optimum amount of ions. Both Blue Fifty and the owner of the system have access to the monitoring system. Blue Fifty is committed to regularly observe each device and make recommendations to the customer. The results of water tests are also transferred to the monitoring system, which helps in proper system management. Progress can be monitored and data analysed. A report is generated after each test result and received by the owner of the equipment. The report contains, among other things, recommendations for action to be taken depending on the state of the system and water quality.

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