Agrisafe is a water sanitizing method dedicated to animal breeding, without the use of chemical agents. Eliminates all dangerous pathogens from the water, such as e-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, cryptosporidium and histomoniosis. It uses H2Ozone's patented ozone technology. Water containing ozone has disinfecting properties, thanks to which it inactivates all pathogens that may be dangerous for animals or people. Agrisafe sanitization can be used for underground and surface water as well as for tap water.

Agrisafe can be used in poultry, pig and caws The disinfecting properties and the removal of animal-hazardous micro-organisms mean that animals are clearly less ill and in better health. In addition, ozonized water tastes more good to the animals. From the first day after installation, you can see an increase in water consumption, which also has a positive effect on feed consumption and animal weight gain. In the video you can see how hens drink more ozonized water than water without agrisafe treatment.

Agrisafe water treatment consists of several stages. Initially, the water flows through the filter. It uses a membrane with a very small mesh diameter through which most microorganisms cannot pass. After passing through the membrane, the water flows through a UV lamp.  The UV lamp uses ultraviolet radiation, which kills most viruses and bacteria. The last stage of water treatment is to dose ozone to the water. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that disinfects water to remove all other microorganisms from it.  In addition, ozone remains in the water that is fed into the drinking system. This ensures that there is no risk of re-contamination of the water in the system. It also reduces cross-contamination at the watering site.

Particularly spectacular effects can be observed in poultry breeding, where it is extremely important to reduce the impact of pathogens on birds. The use of Agrisafe in a broiler, laying hen, turkey or water poultry farm results in a rapid improvement of many indicators:

Foos Conversion Ratio FCR

Daily weight increas


Quantity of antibiotics used

If you want to improve the quality of water consumed by animals, if you want to improve your breeding results and reduce the amount of antibiotics used in breeding, please contact us to learn more about Agrisafe!


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