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Blue Fifty together with international partners supports the introduction of innovative water technologies oround the world. We use innovative methods of water treatment, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the best quality of water in specific applications. Our frequent clients are hospitals, which must provide water with the best quality, which must be free of bacteria and safe for patients. We take care to ensure the best possible quality of drinking water for people. We provide solutions that enable you to purify underground or storm water to meet the requirements of drinking water quality. We also have solutions for treatment in animal farming, which has a positive impact on their health, reduces the incidence of disease and the amount of antibiotics used.

In addition to water treatment, we also specialise in reducing water consumption. Water resources are limited and, as a result, water is constantly more expensive. This is particularly true for production plants. Technology such as Undine is the solution, as it reduces between 50% and 75% of the water used in the industrial cleaning process.


water technologies

System bifipro


Bifipro is the most effective way to eliminate Legionella and biofilm from water. It is used to remove bacteria in water inside buildings. This technology uses silver and copper ions for water treatment. Bifipro is used in hospitals, hotels, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes and other public buildings.


Agrisafe is a water sanitizing method dedicated to animal breeding, without the use of chemical agents. Eliminates all dangerous pathogens from the water, such as e-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, cryptosporidium and histomoniosis. It uses H2Ozone's patented ozone technology.


Undine technology is used to clean moving parts such as belts, shackles or products transported on lines. Undine is distinguished from conventional solutions by the fact that it uses about 50-75% less water. This is made possible by the use of patented chambers in which water is mixed with compressed air.


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