The Soil Scanner is a revolutionary device that allows you to learn the content of the most important elements of the soil in a few minutes. The scanner analyses the content in soil N, P, K, organic matter, pH and cation exchange capacity. In the past, it took even a few weeks to obtain such results. Today, the scanner allows you to get results in a few minutes directly at the place of soil samplings collection. The scanner is mainly recommended to farmers as well as to fertilizer and consulting companies.

The soil scanner is very easy to use. Only 1 button is used. Initially, you need to connect the scanner to our phone and calibrate the device. For this purpose, we perform a scan on a special calibration stand. Then place the scanner on the soil sample and perform several scans. Scan results are sent online to the control panel using our phone, where they are automatically compared with the database. After a short time, the control panel sends a ready analysis report.

How does the Soil Scanner work? How is it possible that the results are obtained so quickly? The scanner's technology is based on infrared light. The light beam falls on the soil sample and the reflected light is received. The light transmitted and reflected from the soil sample shall be different from that emitted. Based on the parameters of this light we can estimate how much of a specific element is present in the tested soil. For the results to be accurate, we had to test tens of thousands of samples using conventional testing methods. The results were then compared with the scanner's results to ensure that program the devices.

The soil scanner starts to be used in Poland in 2018. Analyses can already be carried out with the aid of the scanner by consulting and fertilizer companies. If you are interested in buying a scanner yourself, please contact us. The price of the scanner is 3000€, the annual cost of the subscription is 1700€. There is no limit to the number of samples you can make. You can read more about this on the


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