The Lab-in-a-Box is a soil testing laboratory developed and built by AgroCares. Lab-in-a-Box does not use any chemical reagents, and yet it allows you to learn several dozen of soil elemental components - macro- and micronutrients. Lab-in-a-box is a set of devices that allows for sample preparation (shredding, drying), analysis and determination. The results of the analysis can be obtained within a few hours. The report in the form of a list of elements with their quantities in the sample is generated in the form of a clear document.

The devices included in the Lab-in-a-Box use two types of radiation - infrared and X-rays. Light is emitted on the ground and dried soil sample. The reflected light is then tested. The result is sent online to the control panel, where it is compared with a database of tens of thousands of samples. After a few minutes, a ready report is sent to the laboratory. Lab-in-a-box is recommended mainly for laboratories, consulting companies and scientific entities. Having a Lab-in-a-box allows for the introduction of a completely innovative service, consisting in a comprehensive testing of all important soil components in an unusually short time.

If you are interested in buying a Lab-in-a-Box or the possibility of testing your soil with it - please contact us. From September to October 2018, a Lab-in-a-Box center was opened at the University of Agriculture in Kraków, where it is possible to test the soil and see how the Lab-in-a-box works


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