Agro Fresh Park

Agro Fresh Park


Agro Fresh Park is one of the leading project under development by Blue Fifty. The aim of the AgroFreshPark project is to create the first agro-logistic centre in Poland which focuses on modern technologies and sustainable development. The project involves the creation of a large-scale greenhouse complex in the Łódź region, where agricultural products will be grown. The project involves the construction of 30 ha of greenhouses together with the entire logistics, service and energy supply. Greenhouses require a huge amount of heat and electricity and therefore have a significant impact on the environment. At AgroFreshPark, greenhouses will be fully powered by renewable energy. Blue Fifty is responsible for the development and implementation of the energy concept for this project.


There are many possibilities of using renewable energy sources in such a project as AgroFreshPark. Due to the very high demand for heat and the location, one of the best concepts is the use of geothermal energy. The Łódzkie Voivodeship has a relatively high potential of using geothermal heat sources. However, this requires the drilling of deep wells. Blue Fifty, together with the University of Agriculture in Kraków and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow conducts a study which investigates the potential of using geothermal energy in greenhouse industry in Poland.

AgroFreshPark is a project with huge logistical and engineering challenge. Its aim is to provide people with healthy and safe food while minimising their carbon footprint. Projects such as Agro Fresh Park set new trends in the economy and one of the leading directions is to reduce the negative impact on the environment in agricultural production. Blue Fifty outlines a new track in agriculture in Poland through the use of renewable energy sources in projects such as AgroFreshPark.


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