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The project development means creating an installation, a facility or a set of facilities or installations together with the entire logistics from the concept stage to start-up and operation. The aim of Blue Fifty's projects is to meet local energy that combine economic return and are environmentally friendly.

The development of the project includes engineering, technological, economic and logistic issues. Blue Fifty develops projects in which the key element is the production and use of energy from renewable sources. Our activities are aimed at creating an innovative concept from the idea phase to the commercial operation of the facility. The project development process usually consists of six phases:

During the design phase, the different concepts are verified during the feasibility phase. The study covers the analysis of key elements, i.e. location, availability of key resources, products generated as a result of the facility's operation, technological issues, method of financing, legal regulations. After verification of the above parameters and securing the financing of the facility, it is realized. The last stage of the project development is the start-up and operation of the installation.

Blue Fifty develops projects in various countries around the world. Our projects cover the renewable raw materials and renewable energy sectors. The projects we develop benefit the environment and at the same time are beneficial for people and economically profitable.



Agro Fresh Park

Agro Fresh Park is one of the leading project under development by Blue Fifty. The aim of the AgroFreshPark project is to create the first agro-logistic centre in Poland which focuses on modern technologies and sustainable development. The project involves the creation of a large-scale greenhouse complex in the Łódź region, where agricultural products will be grown.

Our Energy Association

Cooperative “Our Energy” is an initiative which was established in Zamość (Poland) in order to ensure energy independence of the region. The region of Zamość is characterised by a high level of agricultural development of the areas. For this reason, it was decided to implement a project in which the energy needs will be met by the network of agricultural biogas plants.


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